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MUSIC MINISTRY Job Description


We are currently seeking musicians. Please submit your resume for consideration to Rev. McLeod or Sis. Sybil Belton by email


The Church Minister of Music Job Description


The Minister of Music must be a Christian and shall


  • have specialized instrumental and/or vocal training.

  • be proficient in playing both the piano and organ and backing the pastor/preacher.

  • have experience in directing appropriate sacred choral music.

  • be a skilled voice instructor who is capable of teaching vocal harmony to choirs.

  • substitute for support staff musicians at rehearsals and worship services whenever necessary.

  • coordinate activities for the total church music program, in conjunction with support from the Music Committee, staff musicians and the Pastor.

  • provide appropriate music as a part of regularly scheduled worship service.

  • work closely with the Pastor and Music Committee and seek their advice in all matters related to the musical program of the church.


Salary for this position will be determined based upon qualification, number of service and rehearsals

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